We feel we can do a better job editing your material if we know a bit about you. At the same time, we hope that none of our queries are too intrusive. (Ignore any that provokes in you a "none of their damn business" reaction.) Mail completed form to Edit-It Editorial Services, Box 357, Ellsworth, ME 04605.

Your name____________________________Age________ E-mail address________________________

How many years have you been writing professionally? ________ Have you been published? ________

If yes, where and when:________________________________________________________________


Do you hope to land a major publisher? __________ Would you consider self-publishing?________

Would your future book be illustrated? ________ Do you have an illustrator? ________

Do you have a Website? If yes, what is your URL?_____________________________________________

Would you want an editor to just check for spelling, gramatical, and usage errors or

would you want him to edit every aspect of your

In what areas would you want your manuscript to especially strong: plot________, setting________,

character development________, historical detail________, romance________, sex________,

action________, violence________, horror________, dialogue________, poetic use of language________,

humor________, moral message________, technical detail________, religion________, politics________,

nature________, sports________, travel________, fantasy________, other_______________________

Name some authors you admire:_______________________________________________________


What are some of your favorite books?__________________________________________________


Describe your target audience:___________________________________________________________

Define your chosen genre:_____________________________________________________________

As an author, what do you hope to achieve?_________________________________________________